BBL refers to the surgical procedure that improves the look of your buttock with fat transfer. Initially, the fat is harvested from your body using a process called liposuction surgery. After that, it is refined by cleaning it with an antibiotic solution. Finally, it is purposefully re-injected into the buttock and also the hip area to actually augment your butt. By loading the cheeks of your butt, it actually reinflates your butt and ultimately raises your butt, thus called Brazilian Butt Raise. The Brazilian word summary reminds us that this treatment was first introduced by Brazilian cosmetic surgeons and also promoted by South Americans. As it moved to the states, it first landed in Miami, which boasts a big South American population. Its appeal has consequently spread up the east coast and much more recently to the west and California coastline.

BBL surgery has actually advanced substantially over the last couple of years both in its safety and security factors to consider and its visual perfects. Safety and security advancements have focused on decreasing risks of a harmful negative effect called fat emboli and minimizing fat infection danger. Visual developments have actually focused on improving patient satisfaction related to quantity retention and focusing on clients’ certain buttock enhancement objectives. The patient’s buttock contour visual choices can be identified by different butt sizes and shapes. Several years back, we introduced the Brazilian Buttock Evaluation tool to clear up the client’s butt sizes and shape choices. As a matter of fact, we observed particular buttock shapes and size preferences that were impacted by customers’ age, ethnicity, and even faith! These findings will certainly be published in the Journal of Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgery in 2021.

Determining specific preferences in buttock sizes and shape via the Brazilian Buttock Evaluation Tool has actually permitted us to identify also local distinctions. As the main hub for Brazilian Butt Lifts and additionally Brazilian Butt Raise Revisions, we have actually observed particular distinctions between client wishes that we have actually coined California versus Miami BBL. The Miami BBL defines the creation of a much more generous buttock dimension with optimum volume over the mid and reduced butt region. The Miami BBL is preferred by hippier hippies and has much more generous median and lateral thighs. In contrast, the California BBL explains an extra modest size boost in the butt dimension, with maximum fullness separated to the mid-buttock area. The California BBL is preferred by individuals that are extra sports and also have thinner legs.

If you wonder which Brazilian Buttock Lift is the most effective choice for you, an examination with your surgeon will help you decide between the California BBL or Miami BBL.

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