Chicago: Rush Medical Center’s Jones Building Demolished

Heneghan Wrecking is a Chicago demolition company that is run as a family owned business and have been providing their services for over 40 years to the Chicago area. Heneghan Wrecking Company have a positive reputation all around Chicagoland, and are notorious for providing their services all throughout Chicago and surrounding locations. They provide their services for anyone or any organization, regardless of the size of the project, and ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed and met to the highest standard possible. In addition, safety procedures are ensured to make sure all surrounding buildings and individuals are in no harm’s way.

Heneghan Wrecking is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company with over $35 million bonds in capacity. The insurance provided is fully comprehensive, and includes coverage of pollution and liability. The equipment provided by the Chicago demolition company is the top performing equipment available in the market, to make sure the job is complete without any possible errors or damages.

What Are Services Do They Provide?

The services provided by Heneghan Wrecking come in three forms: structural, interior, and emergency demolitions. Each service provided by the Chicago demolition company is conducted by the top professionals in the profession, and have the highest performing procedures to guarantee the safety of each demolition, regardless of size and type, will be maximized. The three types of demolitions provided are as follows:

Structural Demolitions

Structural demolitions are most frequent demolitions, and are done with complete safety procedures and the most extensive insurance available. The Heneghan Wrecking Company has been operating since 1973, and have delivered their demolition services to many satisfied customers through the years. The company has been involved in demolitions involving universities and colleges, athletic clubs, hospitals, and much more, and have been requested to demolish some of the largest, most complex building structures in Chicagoland.

Interior Demolitions

Interior demolitions are to preserve exterior structures which may provide historical value, and remove interiors to revamp the structure. The Chicagoland has received countless projects from Heneghan Wrecking Company, and are part of the preservation history of some historical landmarks in the Chicagoland area. Some of the projects the Heneghan Wrecking Company have been involved with are The Edge at Desplaines and Adams, Chicago, the Google Building in West Loop, and the Ambassador West Hotel, among many more.

Emergency Demolitions

The final demolitions provided by the services of Heneghan Wrecking Company involve emergency demolitions. These can often be the case of natural disasters taking place, which oftentimes leave the structure in unstable conditions which requires immediate attentiveness. The services provided by Heneghan Wrecking includes extensive, professional consultation, structural engineers of top-tier skills and professionally trained workers who work with the highest quality equipment available.

Heneghan Wrecking understands that emergencies require immediate action, and are highly trained on handling situations which may make the difference between saving a life and losing a life. They react immediately to emergency situations, and are ready to take on the project regardless of its magnitude.

Project Example

As of September, 2016, Heneghan Wrecking provided their services when the City of Chicago needed four buildings to be taken down. The location was the west side of the campus where the demolition process occurred, with the buildings being as old as 100 years. One of the buildings involved in the demolition was the Daniel A. Jones Hospital, which was built in 1888. It was demolished as a result of a new, state-of-the-art $575 million-dollar new infrastructure which was opened in 2011. The Rush University has no need to maintain the 1888-built building, and gathered it was time to remove the buildings. As for the remaining three buildings that were demolished by the Heneghan Wrecking Company, the Rush University decided against rebuilding, and instead turned the space into green space..

The Final Verdict

Heneghan Wrecking is a well-renowned demolishing company which was founded in 1973, in Chicago. The company provides all necessary demolishing services with a top tier team of engineers, amongst all other qualified professionals in the demolishing profession. Their services are for everyone and anyone looking to demolish their structural building in the safest hands in the country. With fully comprehensive insurance provided by the company, the structure you need demolishing is in the best hands with the Heneghan Wrecking Company.

How To Pick A Reliable Beard Oil Company

Over the last few years, more men have been embracing their natural appearances by growing and grooming their beards. A small stroll along the streets, mall or even flipping through magazines will let you know just how much this is true. Even movies have learnt to include more actors with natural groomed beards that simply look fantastic if not attractive. Beards seem to have re-emerged and are now fancied by many. For this reason, bear oil companies and products are starting to spring up everywhere and finding one should not be a daunting task. In fact, there are several companies that now focus on providing beard products such as oil and wax as well as grooming tools like trims and combs. Landing a beard Oil Company is as simple as looking for businesses on a browser but not all offers you come across can guarantee top quality products. It is thus very important to carefully compare and review your offers before you spend money.

Choosing a beard oil company

It only makes sense to provide beard grooming and maintenance products that can help men take care of their natural faces. There are several kinds of products offered for men but they mainly include oils, powders, waxes, moisturizers and fragrances. When looking for a beard oil company, it is important to evaluate the following;

  • Company and product reputation – Reputation is the most important aspect to review when reviewing any kind of product, company or service. Companies that consistently provide top quality beard oil and products will tend to enjoy a good reputation in the area. Word of mouth is very crucial in spreading a company’s brand and reputation. To gauge this, look through reviews, comments, complains, testimonials and opinions raised by previous and/or current customers. If there are many complaints, negative reviews and concerns, it simply means the company does not provide satisfactory quality products and/or services. You can also look for expert review ratings or websites to note how a particular beard oil company performs. Note that some review sites are only offered to promote certain products and companies. You should therefore look through different sources to compare average performance.
  • Products offered – Beard care products range from oils to fragrances, waxes, powders, powders, trimmers, shaves and combs among others. The best beard oil company will generally offer a one-stop outlet for all beard grooming and maintenance supplies. Others only provide oils and waxes to avoid stretching into other niches. If you want top quality oils, such companies are the ones to approach as they offer nothing else. It is also important to review the range and variety of products offered. What kinds of oils and fragrances do they have? Are there options that suit your particular style and scents? You can find different fragrances including woody scents, flowery scents and some natural scents that add freshness to your day.
  • Quality guarantees – Since you are probably going to shop online, it is very important to ensure the company you purchase your products from offer quality guarantees. This includes provisions to replace and/or refund all deliveries that do not meet the promised quality standard. Beard oils and waxes will be directly applied to your beards and skin. They should be safe and effective without any side effect or irritation. It is therefore recommendable to choose credible licensed beard oil companies that are allowed to distribute the products within the area.

There are various other minor aspects to review such as price. As a general rule of thumb, you should first review all the other aspects before comparing prices. Once you have 2 or 3 top companies that can provide trustworthy beard grooming products, compare their prices and find one that offers more competitive advantage. Online stores should be able to deliver the products straight to your residence or office as addressed.


When looking for beard oil, all the different aspects are important. From safety to scent appeal and effectiveness in beard maintenance, you should ensure all these properties are harmonized. The goal is to find a scent that suites your style and is appealing to everyone. Whether you want an overpowering muted clean woody scent or a subtle sophisticated fragrance that expresses your classy attributes, you should find something that is perfect for your needs. Make sure it is safe and top quality.

A Healthy Smile Means More than Just Great Dental Health

Proper dental care produces a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth creates a beautiful, healthy smile and a healthier body. Researches that have been conducted to study the relationship between oral health and overall body health have indicated that good oral health positively impacts a number of other medical conditions. This means that being conscious about dental self-care and visiting your North Georgia dentist regularly for check-ups improves whole body health and thus your quality of life. On the other hand, when dental health care is neglected, the result is oral health problems that can cause bigger health problems to the entire body. Below are the 3 major ways in which oral health is linked to overall health.

Healthy Smile = Healthy Pregnancy = Healthier Baby

The old wives’ tale of “one tooth loss for every baby” is no longer true in today’s world of information and technology. With an adequate intake of calcium and proper dental hygiene before, during and after pregnancy, a mother can avoid the dental problems associated with pregnancy. By maintaining a healthy mouth, you also increase the chances of having a healthy baby. It’s important to know which diseases to avoid during pregnancy. Common dental diseases to look out for include:

  • Gum disease: According to the American Academy of Periodontology, oral bacteria contain a labor-inducing biological fluid. The amounts of this fluid increases with gum disease. Therefore, pregnant women suffering from gum disease are at a greater risk of delivering prematurely or giving birth to underweight babies. Special attention should be paid to gums and teeth to avoid the development of gum disease.
  • Erosion of the enamel: Morning sickness is not an uncommon symptom of pregnancy for many women. They experience nausea which sometimes adds acidity in the mouth. This acidity can erode teeth if the mouth is not rinsed out. If you find yourself in this situation, use water or a fluoride mouthwash to keep the acid level in your mouth under control.
  • Tooth decay and oral infections: Pregnancy dry mouth puts a pregnant woman at a risk of tooth decay and oral infections. Drinking plenty of water and chewing gum can reduce this risk since the two actions enhance production of saliva and keep the mouth hydrated.

If you plan on getting pregnant, visit your North Georgia dentist for an oral health exam and necessary dental treatment. This will help to reduce the likelihood of having a dental emergency during pregnancy. During the meeting with your dentist, you can also schedule further dental visits during your pregnancy.

Good oral health helps to keep the heart healthier

Oral bacteria can infect the heart of a person who is suffering from certain cardiovascular conditions. These infections are called infective endocarditis and occur when oral bacteria enter the bloodstream through injuries that may occur in the mouth during eating, normal brushing, or flossing.

Periodontal disease increases inflammation level throughout the body. Inflammation is a big risk factor for heart conditions. More than 80% of patients who have had a heart attack have periodontal disease. For periodontal disease patients, the risk of getting a heart attack is twice that of those who do not suffer from the dental condition.

Monitor your oral health to keep your sugar level in check

If you are diabetic, having a healthy mouth can be your reliable sugar level checker. When sugar levels increase, oral health is affected. Increased sugar levels can lead to tooth loss and increase the severity of gum disease. In diabetic people, periodontal disease seems to be more frequent and more severe and the healing process. Therefore, if your dentist examines and diagnoses you for periodontal disease, you should go to a doctor and have a diabetes exam.

Another connection between oral health and diabetes is that a person with gum problems finds it harder to control their sugar levels than one who don’t suffer from the dental problem. The reason is that the infections can increase blood sugar levels.

Other health conditions linked to oral health include hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis , Alzheimer’s, and lung cancer.

Routine dental care helps to protect oral health and regular visits to a North Georgia dentist can help to unearth other health issues at their early stages so that appropriate treatment is done. As such, proper oral health care should be viewed as a way of maintaining a healthy smile, a healthy body, and an improved quality of life. Having knowledge of the mouth and body connection can help one to be more vigilant in obtaining and maintaining good oral health.